Little Known Facts About Accommodation.

, "June dip in fuel charges coming to an finish," 25 June 2018 Some right away accommodations and companies remain undergoing repairs ahead of reopening, but a good amount of restaurants and retailers will keep you busy on each day trip to play to the sandy seashores. — San Antonio Categorical-News

obliging; practical. toegeeflik مُسَاعِد، سَلِس، لَطِيف услужлив prestativo ochotný, úslužný entgegenkommend imødekommende; føjelig; medgørlig εξυπηρετικόςcomplaciente vastutulelik خوش برخورد؛ مشتاق به کمک دادن mukautuva accommodantנח, נוח, מוכן לעזור नमनशील uslužan alkalmazkodó membantu, mematuhi greiðvikinn accomodante 協調的な 남을 잘 돌보는 paslaugus pakalpīgs; piekāpīgs membantu tegemoetkomendforekommende, elskverdigusłużny, idący na rękę شه لګيدل ،اړه مرستي ته prestável amabil, serviabil услужливый ochotný, úslužný ustrežljiv predusretljiv tjänstvillig ที่ช่วยเหลือ memnun edici 迎合的,順應的 послужливий; люб'язний مددگار sẵn lòng giúp đỡ 与人方便的,善于适应新环境的

Whenever they moved back again to London, the sole accommodation they could afford was a freezing, leaky barge on the Thames.

When people accommodate into a near item, Additionally they converge their eyes and, Because of this, constrict their pupils. However, the constriction of your pupils will not be A part of the method named lens accommodation. The combination of those three movements (accommodation, convergence and miosis) is under the control of the Edinger-Westphal nucleus and is called the near triad, or accommodation reflex.

accommodation - within the theories of Jean Piaget: the modification of inner representations as a way to support a switching understanding of reality

(= Place: US also accommodations) → Platz m; seating accommodation → Sitzplätze pl; There exists accommodation for twenty passengers during the aircraft → das Flugzeug bietet zwanzig Passagieren Platz or hat für zwanzig Passagiere Platz; sleeping accommodation for six → Schlafgelegenheit f → fileür sechs Personen; accommodation during the healthcare facility is inadequate → die Unterbringungsmöglichkeiten im Krankenhaus sind unzureichend

The automated adjustment during the focal length on the lens of the attention to allow retinal concentrate of photographs of objects at different distances.

Catenary—D. Jackson Coleman proposes which the lens, zonule and anterior vitreous comprise a diaphragm amongst the anterior and vitreous chambers of the eye.[8] Ciliary muscle mass contraction initiates a force gradient concerning the vitreous and aqueous compartments that support the anterior lens condition during check here the mechanically reproducible point out of the steep radius of curvature in the center in the lens with slight flattening from the peripheral anterior lens, i.

The adjustment during the focal size of your lens of the attention. Accommodation permits photographs at distinctive distances to generally be centered on the retina.

Specialists concur that there are numerous procedures by which details is often learned. One particular of such techniques which were explained by an early psychologist is called accommodation.

cabin class, financial system class, second class - a category of accommodations over a ship or practice or aircraft which are less expensive than first class accommodations

two. to oblige. They did their best to accommodate him by finishing up his wishes. toegeeflik wees يُكَيِّف، يُزَوِّد، يُسَاعِد угаждам agradar vyhovět, uspokojit entgegenkommen imødekomme εξυπηρετώcomplacer vastutulelikkust osutama مساعدت کردن tehdä palvelus obliger לַבוֹא לִקרַאת, לְהִתחַשֶׁב सहायता करना uslužiti kedvében jár mematuhi gera til þægðar compiacere 和解させる (부탁 등을) 들어주다 įtikti izpatikt menolong van dienst zijnvære behjelpelig iść na rękę مرسته كول agradar a oferi aju­tor ублажать vyhovieť, uspokojiť ustreči biti na usluzi tillmötesgå ช่วยเหลือ memnun etmek 迎合 робити послугу ممنون کرنا giúp đỡ 使满足

Acceptable accommodation, a legal doctrine defending spiritual minorities or individuals with disabilities

Achieving a condition of equilibrium in between the assimilation and accommodation processes is what assists create a sense of stability concerning the person and her or his natural environment.

Helmholtz—The most widely held[4] principle of accommodation is always that proposed by Hermann von Helmholtz in 1855. When viewing a far object, the circularly organized ciliary muscle relaxes allowing the lens zonules and suspensory ligaments to tug about the lens, flattening it.

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